London and the UK

We apologize tremendously for not posting on a regular basis in London. It was quite difficult though because we did not have Wifi (pronounced wee-fee here in Europe) everywhere. So, since we are so behind in our posts, I’m just going to give you a quick list of the things we got to accomplish in London and we’ll post more pics later. We spent 5 days in London and then for 3 days we rented a car and traveled the countryside, which was quite beautiful at times, and a little bumpy for me, especially since Jon was driving on the opposite side of the road and the car! Those 3 days were probably the most stressful of our entire trip and I developed some extreme acne because of it… 🙁 Thanks, Jon!

Anyhoo, we visited Buckingham Palace and saw the Changing of the Guard, shopped at Harrod’s, visited the Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels (absolutely amazing!), enjoyed afternoon tea at The Orangery along with some tea sandwiches and crumpets (my favorite!), walked through many lovely parks, visited the Science Museum and participated in the Mastercard Priceless Event (Our team won!! We’re not the yellow team…we’re the gold team!), visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, had lunch at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, ate (the best) fish and chips at Tom’s Kitchen, saw Big Ben and Parliament, went to two shows at the Mastercard Priceless Wonderground called Cantina and Briefs, went back to Tom’s Kitchen and ate (the best) breakfast – blueberry pancakes, apple and cinnamon french toast, sausage, and a Bloody Mary to top it all off, visited Westminster Abbey, and to end London, we went to see Rock of Ages, which I think was our most favorite activity!

After touring London, we rented a car and had a bumpy ride to Stonehenge. After that, we got lost. We were headed to The Lamb Inn in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, but instead we ended up at The Lamb Inn in Eastcombe, Gloucestershire (Apparently this used to be wool country and every few miles there is a Lamb Inn). I told Jon he should have spent some extra money on that GPS! I’m not a very good navigator. Anyways, that’s where I broke down and cried! Thankfully, there was a woman behind the bar who completely understood how I was feeling, gave me some hot chocolate, and got her daughter to print us some Google Map directions to point us in the right direction. The other fellows at the bar were also very kind and understanding. They helped us so much and we were so grateful. After a nice stay at the correct Lamb Inn B&B, we visited the chocolate box towns of the Cotswolds for the day, and then headed towards Dudley (the worst night of our trip…we’ll just skip over that day/night), got up and headed for Liverpool, the home of the Beatles. While in Liverpool, Jon made up for the stay in Dudley and we lived it up at the Hotel Indigo. We went on a Beatles Bus Tour and enjoyed some good meals. The next day we headed to Holyhead where we returned the car, caught a ferry, and were on our way to Dublin, Ireland.

It was a very busy week!

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