Hot Day, Hot Springs

July 5: The Day of Driving. We started from Gillette, Wyoming. We had a goal of getting to Idaho, but that didn’t really work out. That would have been 11 hours of driving! Instead, we decided to stop in Bozeman, Montana and visit some natural hot springs. Now, when Jon said “natural” I thought he meant there would be like hot tubs in the middle of a field, which I thought, was pretty neat. That was not the case. It was basically a fitness center and smoothie bar with multiple swimming pools that contained all natural minerals in each pool. The center had 9 different pools of varying temperatures and sizes. The temperatures ranged from 104 to 54 (Yikes!) degrees Fahrenheit. There was a large swimming pool outside as well as inside. It was a relaxing experience, especially since I did most of the driving that day. After swimming, we asked the locals where we could grab a bite to eat. The Montana Aleworks was suggested and we’re glad we made the right choice! We decided to share the tasty blackened Hawaiian swordfish and the delicious fish tacos. (Of course, we could have eaten anything at this point! We were STARVING!)

After our meal, Jon drove to Missoula, MT where we stayed the night.

I think we need to look for a carwash… Pronto.

Links: Bozeman Hot Springs | Montana Ale Works | Off! Bug Repellent

2 thoughts on “Hot Day, Hot Springs

  1. matt

    I think Dad would be very up set at the sight of the car. He would do anything to take it to a car wash ha. love ya

    • Ha! We washed it the next day. He’d be proud.

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