Beautiful Victoria, BC

So on Wednesday, July 13th, we packed up our bags and said “Goodbye!” to our hostel in Anchorage, AK. It was a delightful stay, just a bit scrunched in our tiny dorm room. We flew back to Seattle that night and spent the next day walking around the market and doing a bit of shopping. We ate lunch at the Athenian Inn which is the same restaurant featured in my all-time favorite movie, “Sleepless in Seattle!” I even got my picture taken in Tom Hanks’ barstool! I wish we could have had even more time there because Seattle has so many cute shops. Jon said that maybe when we come back through we can stay an extra day. But for now, it was time to head to Vancouver. We did get pulled over to Customs as we were crossing the border because they saw our very packed car, didn’t understand what Jon was doing in Canada with busking, and saw his beautiful wife…it just didn’t make sense to them. But everything worked out in the end.

Our next adventure was taking the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, BC! With very little instruction, we drove our car onto a boat and headed up to the passenger deck. Fortunately, this ride was very smooth, so no seasickness, as long as I didn’t look out the window. When we got to Victoria, we stayed at the Executive House Hotel (GORGEOUS ROOM and VIEW) and did our laundry for FREE! It’s odd that I’m excited about free laundry, but this trip has really taught me a lot…

1. I miss home, A LOT! (Along with my friends and family)
2. I despise cold weather! Why couldn’t we have gone where there’s a beach? Honestly, I wear like 3 layers everyday! I have to be very creative with my outfits. I think I need to go shopping…
3. I miss cooking at home.
4. I can’t get mad at Jon because he’s the only one I have to talk to.
5. Living on the road makes me feel like I’m running away from something.

Anyhoo, we only stayed at the Executive for one night and then transferred to the Harbour Towers (nice, but not as nice). That morning we headed to the Blue Fox Cafe for brunch. When we got there, the line was out the door! Obviously, this place has a reputation! We found it using Yelp (the best app in the world when you are traveling)! Jon ordered the french toast with ambrosia apples. It came with 3 huge slices of french bread slathered in cinnamon paste and ambrosia apples. It was so worth it! He couldn’t even finish it, which is very rare for him. I ordered the Triceratops Benny. There were several spins on the original eggs benedict. This one had 2 poached eggs sitting on top of spinach, grilled tomatoes, and a bagel with feta cheese crumbled on top. Served along side were seasoned potatoes. Absolutely yum and I ate the whole thing! (I worked out that morning, so I was starving!)

Jon has done 4 street shows so far and each time he has experienced something strange. I think he’s cursed! It poured during his very first show and he did a full show in the rain! During the second one, he forgot some of his props and had to borrow an apple from an audience member! During the third one, some drunk local street performer interrupted his show and started yelling at him – I got it all on tape! And also during that show, at the very last second when he began to collect his tips, it poured down rain and everyone left! Not good for the hat. Then, at his last show, he found a lucky penny and we’re now hoping his luck will change!

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