Good Eats in Victoria, BC

Well, Jon’s luck has changed significantly! He’s doing really well with all of his performances. We still have 4 more days of the festival in Victoria. We haven’t been able to do much sightseeing, but we have eaten at a couple of wonderful restaurants. Last night we ate at Il Terrazzo. We were both really hungry for homemade Italian comfort food…pasta. The restaurant was quite quaint with sparkling candlelight and rustic brick fireplaces. For the first course, Jon and I shared the Formaggio di Capra, a salad of mixed baby greens with poached pear, sun-dried cranberries, and a lemon, pear, and port-wine dressing topped off with a hazelnut-crusted disk of warm goat cheese. For dinner, Jon ordered Linguine con Polpetti di Carne, basically spaghetti and meatballs with a carbonara sauce. I had a very difficult time choosing, but I decided on the Melanzane al Forno, a lasagna style noodle with breaded eggplant, roasted mushrooms, garlic confit, spinach, asiago and gruyere cheese baked in a creamy tomato sauce topped with fresh basil. We were both pleasantly satisfied! Surprisingly, Jon had no room for dessert, but I wanted to enjoy the ambience a little longer, so I ordered an after-dinner drink, Coco Loco Coffee with Bailey’s, Kahlua, and Frangelico. Maybe we’ll go back for dessert and order Tiramisu.

Then, today we decided to try out Red Fish, Blue Fish for lunch…no green eggs and ham here. Their most popular dish is Fish and Chips. Jon and I didn’t feel like ordering something so heavy, so we opted for some sandwiches. We said we would come back to try the Fish and Chips soon. The “restaurant” is basically a storage container converted into a food cart located on the pier with a long line of hungry people. They do have plenty of seating available looking out at the boats and water though. I ordered the local shrimp roll (lobster roll style) and Jon ordered the RFBF BLT. Both were wonderful choices. It was quite funny, but when we were relaxing in our room later, we were watching the Food Network and this show called Eat Streets came on and they visited this same restaurant! What a coincidence! You can check out the episode, too, at their website. After watching so many people enjoy the fish and chips, Jon and I are definitely heading back!

Jon and I were both craving something sweet tonight, so to satisfy our sweet tooth, we went to our hotel restaurant and ordered a fancy banana split: tempura bananas, vanilla ice cream, and a drizzle of caramel, chocolate, and raspberry sauce. It was the perfect ending to our day!

2 thoughts on “Good Eats in Victoria, BC

  1. Liam & Christa Feister

    Hi Lauren,

    Liam and I heard you started a blog so we wanted to say “Hi”It looks like a wonderful trip. We can’t wait to hear what happens next. Oh, and Liam said he wants a bite of that awesome looking dessert!

    • Hi Liam and Christa! Thanks so much for saying Hi! The trip has been very adventurous, especially the camping part! Liam, did you find out who your teacher is for 2nd grade? Can you believe summer is almost over…we’ll be back to Lampeter before you know it! That dessert was REALLY GOOD! It was tempura fried bananas (yum!) with vanilla ice cream and chocolate, raspberry, and caramel sauces – it was AWESOME! 🙂 Probably one of the best ones that we’ve had so far! I’m a little behind on the blog posts, but currently we are in Madison, WI and heading for Toronto. I’ll try to write as fast as I can – it’s been so difficult because we had no service/limited service and we were traveling for long amounts of time for a couple days there and I was too exhausted to write. Anyhoo, I’m sure I will see you soon! Enjoy the rest of your summer! -Mrs. Burns

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