A Lot of Driving

On Saturday, July 30th, Jon performed at Sunfest in Calgary, AB. The festival was good. Jon had 3 great shows. We hung out that night at a comedy club and saw one of our friends, Byron Bertram, from the festival do stand-up. He was the funniest one. We hung out afterwards and called it a night. The next day, we drove to North Dakota, got stopped at the border, and interrogated! Can I just say that my heart was pounding out of my chest terribly! We did everything we were told. We were asked to sit down in the office while our car would be inspected. Yes, sir! Then, an officer took me away separately into a room and hammered me with questions. (This was when the heart pounding started.) After going through my purse and asking me questions about our business of fruit, weapons, and cattle ranching, I was asked to sit outside. Then, Jon was interrogated. I guess we passed the test because we made it back to the US. What’s really funny about this whole experience is that Jon said, “Oh, we’ll be fine! We’re just getting back to our home soil. They won’t pull us over this time.” HA!

We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday driving towards Toronto, ON. We stopped in Fargo, ND, Minneapolis, MN, and Madison WI. The most exciting thing we did was enjoy a Juicy Lucy in Minneapolis. This burger’s got molten cheese in the middle oozing out to make for a tasty treat. One of the most boring things we did was see the World’s Largest Teepee. We decided to skip the World’s Largest Buffalo and keep on driving.

Currently, we are in Toronto, ON and tomorrow we catch a flight for St. John’s, Newfoundland. Jon will be performing Friday, Saturday and Sunday (MY BIRTHDAY, in case you would like to know.) And then on Monday, we head back towards home! I can’t believe this trip is almost over.

Ok, I think we are caught up!

Oh and by the way, some North Dakota driver ran into our back bumper while I was driving and a tractor-trailer ran me off the road… just another day in the car. (Everyone’s safe and sound.) ☺

3 thoughts on “A Lot of Driving

  1. Nancy Pepe

    Years ago my parents were coming back from Niagara Falls, Canada and were stopped. The officer proceeded to rummage thru their luggage and held up my Mom’s underwear piece by piece. She was mortified!! At least you didn’t have to watch them go thru your car. ;P You are having such a great adventure!!

    • OMG! I guess it could have been worse… 🙂

  2. Liam & Christa Feister

    Hi Mrs. Burns,

    I wanted you to know I got Miss Campbell, I haven’t found anybody else in my class yet but I am looking forward to finding out who is in it. Liam

    Hi Lauren,

    That Juicy Lucy looks awesome we saw the episode on Man VS Food and have always wanted to try one! Your trip looks awesome, thanks so much for sharing it with us! Have a safe rest of your trip! With much love, the Feister’s

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