Our Weekend in Paris

Ok, so it’s been a few days since our last post, but we have been very busy… Here’s a quick overview of our remaining days in Paris.

Friday: BAD DAY! Don’t want to talk about it.

Saturday: We had a great night’s rest (much-needed) and started heading for the Musée d’Orsay. On our way, we saw this cute little Italian bistro. We stopped in to see what they had to offer and we really liked their selection. They said we could either take-out (for a picnic) or sit down. Since we were kind of hungry, we thought we would just sit and eat then. They weren’t going to be open after our museum tour and we definitely didn’t want to skip out on this meal! Who knew there could be such great Italian food in the middle of Paris! We ordered some salads to share and Jon got an artichoke, cured meat, arugula sandwich and I ordered lasagna. It had been something I was craving and it was definitely worth it! After our meal, we went to the Orsay, listened to Rick Steves guide us through the museum to the important exhibits and learned a few artsy things. To make this day even better, for dinner, we went to Les Cocottes. This is a very American-known restaurant because Anthony Bourdain ate here on his show, “No Reservations” on the Travel channel. Jon ordered what he ordered, foie gras stuffed pigeon. I was so full from our big lunch, that I just ordered some mushroom soup and a lobster and mushroom salad on phyllo dough on a bed of greens. And to top it off, the dessert was phenomenal! Mine was a chocolate mousse with a crumbly crust and some fresh fruit. Jon had the famous chocolate tart. We would recommend both of the restaurants we ate at today. The wait staff was pleasant, fun, and easy going. The ambiance was perfect, especially at Les Cocottes. We even met an Australian couple seated right next to us, Michelle and Barry, who were visiting Paris and who had just been to London. We really enjoyed their stories and advice on traveling. They also have a blog. You can check it out at thefoodieworld.blogspot.com.

Sunday: A very busy day at Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and our river boat cruise on the Seine. More details and lots of pictures to come soon.

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