I Can See Russia From My House!

Well, not exactly Russia, but we are surrounded by some beautiful mountains! Mount McKinley, in fact!

We landed safely in Alaska on July 7th around 9 a.m. And Holy Cow, it’s really colder than what I expected! I was expecting warm 60s, maybe 70, but instead, it’s really overcast and a very chilly 63-65 degrees. Luckily, we found a Target and I was able to buy a whole new cold weather wardrobe! Thank goodness I brought my UGG boots! Don’t travel anywhere without those puppies!

We took a nice scenic drive down the Seward Highway to the Turnagain View B&B which was located on the Turnagain Arm. The waters are known to have beluga whales (no sightings yet). The land is known for dall sheep, mountain goats, moose, and bear.

We did have 2 bear sightings! We were sitting at dinner and looked up the hill outside of the giant window and saw a cub following her mother bear . Then, on our way home, we passed a cop car and laying in front was a black bear on it’s side… It must have gotten hit and thrown off to the side of the road… (tear!)

Jon performed at the Bear Paw Festival on July 8th and 9th. On Sunday, he went to the Anchorage Market and Festival to perform. The Market was very unique! There were many artisans and vendors selling Alaskan goods. We saw hats, slippers, and earmuffs made from beaver and otter. Anyone need a taxidermied fox head cap?

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